7 Day Service

From April Siemens Healthcare will be extending its existing Customer Services Performance Plans to provide both remote and on-site customer service and support from 8am to 8pm, seven days a week as standard. Siemens new provision enables customers to tailor their service and support to times convenient for the customer, facility and patients across the seven-day week. Examples include the requirement for emergency remote support beyond 5pm or planned preventative maintenance at weekends.

Under the plans proposed by Sir Bruce Keogh, Medical Director of the NHS, Trusts in England will have to ensure key diagnostic tests are available seven days a week and this will require the scheduled use of imaging and diagnostic services. Following initial consultations with UK customers by Siemens, positive feedback about its planned extended provision has been gained. Eighty per cent of Trusts spoken to by Siemens had already implemented or were planning to implement extended departmental working hours. Trusts also commented that longer service provision would help them better manage heavy workload, particularly in the areas of delivering increased capacity and continuous levels of high quality patient care.

“We welcome the opportunity to support NHS Trusts in the climate of extended care and treatment. Siemens already has a history of assisting its customers out of hours and our extended service provision now takes this approach to the next level,” states Marc Roberts, Director Customer Services at Siemens Healthcare. “By automatically extending Siemens Performance Plans we hope this will enable clinicians to choose when they need assistance or plan a service visit at a time most convenient to them and their patients.”