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syngo.MR Cardiac Flow

Clinical Application
Functional and flow evaluation are important tools for MR cardiac examinations in valvular diseases. Detection of carotid stenosis and pulmonary hypertension is possible.


Image Display

  • Synchronized movie display
  • Application of color look-up tables similar to Doppler-ultrasound
    Automated Segmentation Tools
  • One click segmentation of the vessel lumen
  • Automated Venc Function
    Quantitative Analysis
  • Through-plane and in-plane flow analysis
  • Background phase correction (new algorithm)
  • Display of value and location of peak velocity on each image
  • Calculation of: Mean and peak velocity; mean, cumulative, forward and retrograde flow; regurgitation fraction
  • Changes in vessel size
    Digital and Paper Reports
  • Various graphs: Velocity vs. time, flow rate vs. time, integral flow vs. time, area vs. time
  • Summary tables
  • Dedicated reporting of flow evaluation results.

Additional Information

My cases - ready.
Automated segmentation and quantitave analysis allow you to begin reading and interpreting the case as soon as it is opened.


My images, networked.
You no longer have to wait for a workstation. Cardiology evaluation is possible everywhere.

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