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  • Matrix Spectroscopy – phase-coherent signal combination from several coil elements for maximum SNR with configurable prescan-based normalization for optimal homogeneity
  • 2D Chemical Shift Imaging
  • Hybrid CSI with combined VoIume selection and Field of View (FoV) encoding
  • Short TEs available (30 ms for SE, 20 ms for STEAM)
  • Automized shimming of the higher order shimming channels for optimal
  • Homogeneity of the larger CSI volumes
  • Weighted acquisition, leading to a reduced Examination time compared
  • To full k-space coverage while keeping SNR and spatial resolution
  • Outer Volume Suppression
  • Spectral Suppression
  • Protocols for head spectroscopy


Clinical Applications

  • Tumoral pathologies
  • Demyelinizing pathologies
  • Infectious diseases
  • Metabolic pathologies
  • Epilepsy
  • Degenerative diseases



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