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Established 1.5T performance. With Tim+Dot.

MAGNETOM ESSENZA is the established performer at 1.5T. With more than 1000 installations worldwide, a large number of clinical applications, and state-of-the-art coil technology it proves its clinical use and relevance in Magnetic Resonance Imaging everyday, from head-to-toe.


MAGNETOM ESSENZA Clinical Image Gallery

Clinical Image Gallery
See the full application range in the MAGNETOM ESSENZA Image Gallery:


Brain imaging on MAGNETOM ESSENZA – fast routine and advanced capabilities:

  • High-quality routine 2D imaging for adult and young patients with sub-millimeter in-plane resolution
  • Advanced 3D imaging for crisp images with excellent through-plane resolution
  • Higher resolution and accuracy with less susceptibility distortions in Diffusion-Weighted Imaging in brain, spine or prostate with Multi-shot DWI.
  • TOF 3D Angio – great level of detail

Excellent coverage, easy set-up, and high patient comfort with Tim technology and the integrated IsoCenter Matrix.

Extensive Head/Neck Imaging capabilities with MAGNETOM ESSENZA:

  • No more manual coil positioning with the IsoCenter Matrix
  • Excellent FatSat – whichever technique you prefer
  • High level of detail in CE-MRA

MAGNETOM ESSENZA offers the right coils and application solutions for any MSK examination relevant in a clinical setting:

  • Perform high-end shoulder imaging with highest homogeneity and excellent FatSat, whilst easily and flexibly adapting to narrow and wide shoulders, for both, routine and advanced applications
  • Accomplish great image results of the elbows anatomy, giving you more diagnostic confidence
  • Benefit from multiple solutions for comprehensive, efficient, and detailed hand/wrist or foot/ankle imaging at reasonable acquisition times with increased signal-to-noise ratio and advanced iPAT performance
  • Acquire excellent results in hip imaging of a single joint or both joints, with the combination of IsoCenter and large Flex or Body Matrix
  • Achieve outstanding image quality in your knee examinations with features like advanced 3D imaging, excellent FatSat, and even advanced applications for quantitative analysis, such as MapIt

High-res 2D, advanced 3D, and different Fat Saturation techniques are simply standard for MAGNETOM ESSENZA, and part of the clinical use of our established performer. Further benefits in Spine imaging with MAGNETOM ESSENZA are:

  • No more manual coil repositioning with Tim (Total Imaging Matrix)
  • A large Field of View (FoV) coverage and state-of-the-art iPAT performance for an easy and streamlined workflow
  • Excellent signal-to noise ratio (SNR) and no need for coil positioning, due to the IsoCenter Matrix coil intrinsically being at the right position
  • A great level of detail regardless of the patient’s condition or anatomy
  • A scan range up to 140 cm without repositioning, seamless scan integration, and automated post processing1


  • Handle challenging patient-conditions with applications like syngo BLADE and PACE
  • Great image quality and fat saturation in 2D and 3D
  • Comprehensive lesion evaluation including 3D VIBE & diffusion
  • syngo GRAPPA gives you the choice of faster acquisition or higher resolution imaging – for both triggered as well as breath-hold sequences
  • CAIPIRINHA - The powerful next generation iPAT application for up to 50 %2 faster 3D imaging.
  • Pediatric abdominal imaging3



Sub-millimeter resolution, different FatSat techniques, iPAT, or DWI (Diffusion weighted imaging) give you a wide range of possibilities.

With or without contrast is up to you. MAGNETOM ESSENZA offers both:

  • syngo NATIVE – excellent image quality without contrast agent usage
  • syngo GRAPPA, for fast, contrast – enhanced angiography
  • syngo TWIST - time-resolved 3D contrast-enhanced MR angiography (MRA) with very high temporal (sub-second) and spatial resolution (sub-millimeter) in cerebral, carotid, pulmonary, renal or peripheral angiography


MAGNETOM ESSENZA fulfills a number of requirements, especially important when it comes to imaging children. Apart from flexible coil handling, high signal-to-noise ratio and light-weight coils MAGNETOM ESSENZA provides protocols with specific parameter settings for optimized contrast also in pediatric imaging3.



1 optional

2 Results may vary. Data on file.

3 MR scanning has not been established as safe for imaging fetuses and infants under two years of age. The responsible physician has to decide about the benefit of the MRI examination in comparison to other imaging procedures.

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