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Small footprint, giant steps.

MAGNETOM C!™ increases confidence in diagnosis due to excellent image quality at 0.35T. With the most open, compact C-shaped magnet, it provides outstanding patient comfort. All of this comes with comparatively low power consumption and operating costs.

“Higher field strength means higher signal-to-noise ratio – but it is not the only prerequisite for good image quality. Gradient and RF technology of the MAGNETOM C! enable us to achieve mid-field images with a quality comparable to high-field MR systems.”
Prof. H.-M. Klein
Radiological Centre – Ev. Jung-Stilling Hospital, Siegen, Germany

  • Brilliant image quality from the true multi-channel RF system
  • Unrivaled SNR at 0.35T and the largest anatomical coverage in mid-field
  • High performance gradients for rapid acquisition and highly differentiated image details
  • Isocenter imaging ensures excellent image quality for all anatomical areas
  • Unparalleled mid-field capabilities with advanced techniques such as comprehensive cardiac imaging and syngo® REVEAL
  • Significantly less motion artifacts for various kinds of exams with syngo® BLADE

Exceptional image quality with Multi-Channel Array coils

Brilliant SNR at 0.35T
Easy patient positioning and very convenient coil handling with true Multi-Channel Array coils significantly increase SNR, ease of use and workflow and enables parallel imaging with syngo® GRAPPA for faster scans. MAGNETOM C!’s multiple coils for extended field of view can be placed simultaneously to avoid patient repositioning and facilitate image composition.

High-field protocols and applications, tailor-made to mid-field, allow for a high workflow and excellent applications. A wide choice of applications opens opportunities for more referrals. 

  • Excellent price performance ratio – comprehensive application suite
  • Minimal siting requirements – less than 30 m2
  • Low operating costs – permanent magnet, no helium
  • Comparatively low power consumption
  • Inline Technology – processing instead of Post-Processing
  • Phoenix – drag and drop images to scan
  • syngo® Expert-i – remote access into the MR console by an expert user within the network
  • Standardized reports – consistent results and information of referring physicians

Design defines acceptance
Your patients will appreciate the comfortable examinations as well as MAGNETOM C!’s open, patient-friendly design. This will attract more patients, who will recommend your site.

  • Patient friendly appearance – most open, compact C-shaped magnet
  • Patient friendly exams – comfortable side loading
  • Unique extra large Body Spine XXL and XL Extremity coil
  • Most open feeling with the smallest pole diameter – 137 cm / 54 inches
  • Feeling of spaciousness – head out of magnet
  • Easy set-up – posterior parts of the coils remain on table
  • 270° accessibility – patients always feel close to assistance
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