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VersaCell X3 Solution

Dynamic STAT prioritization with advanced workflow through robotics and an optimal mix of analytics

Choose the VersaCell® X3 Solution* for the instrument and menu that best fits the requirement of your laboratory to connect up to three analyzers through a single robotic sample interface.

VersaCell X3 Solutions Agile

The VersaCell X3 Solution is agile by allowing three instrument connectivity of multiple Siemens analyzers in various configurations to provide labs with the optimal mix of analytics to achieve delivery targets. These configurations are designed to meet lab requirements in order to support productivity and growth.

The following Siemens analyzers can be connected:

  • ADVIA® 1800 Chemistry System—a high-throughput analyzer with an extensive menu
  • ADVIA Centaur® XP Immunoassay System—a high-volume immunoassay-testing analyzer with an extensive menu and onboard reagent capacity
  • IMMULITE® 2000 XPi Immunoassay System—a specialty immunoassay-testing analyzer that combines routine immunoassay and esoteric testing (e.g., allergy and infectious disease)
  • Dimension® EXL™ Integrated Chemistry Systems—integrated chemistry and immunoassay analyzers with general and specialty chemistry testing, including cardiovascular immunoassay testing

Which two- or three-instrument combination of chemistry and immunoassay systems will best suit your laboratory needs?

VersaCell X3 Solution Advanced

The VersaCell X3 System is advanced with the unique ability to sort samples automatically without adding additional equipment. Intelligent sample processing ensures samples are processed efficiently. Throughput of connected analyzers helps ensure the shortest possible turnaround time (TAT), making results available faster for release to clinical staff and, ultimately, patients.

VersaCell X3 Solution - Streamlined

The VersaCell X3 Solution is streamlined for operational efficiency to ensure that productivity targets are met, especially when staffing and financial resources are limited. The solution helps reduce operator hands-on time for more effective utilization of staff and resources. The VersaCell X3 Solution helps maintain throughput, while the connected analyzers allow replenishment of supplies without interrupting sample processing.

VersaCell X3 Solution - Justified

The VersaCell X3 Solution is cost-justified with its flexibility and variety of connectivity options. It provides the capacity to increase testing capabilities and expand menu options for in-house testing, supporting opportunities of growth and cost savings. The solution can streamline a non-automated environment without the complexity, cost, and real-estate requirements of track-based automation.

* Product availability varies by country.

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