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CT Scanner SOMATOM Scope - Balance CT dose and image quality

How can I balance CT dose and image quality?

Image quality is essential for accurate diagnosis. But minimizing radiation dose without compromising on image quality is critical for children, or patients who need multiple scans.

“We’ve been able to reduce the dosage by up to 40%2 while maintaining high levels of quality and diagnostic confidence.“
José Venâncio, MD, Head Radiologist
Portuguese Institute of Oncology Lisbon Francisco Gentil (IPOLFG), Portugal


CT Scanner SOMATOM Scope   - Sace time and effort in daily CT routine

How can I save time and effort in my daily CT routine?

Efficient workflows are key in today’s medical facilities. Scan preparation and image reconstruction workflows are often time-consuming, and prevent you from focusing on what matters: your patients.

"The user-friendly software has clearly enhanced clinical workflow and reduced waiting periods between scans.“
José Venâncio, MD, Head Radiologist
Portuguese Institute of Oncology Lisbon Francisco Gentil (IPOLFG), Portugal

The SOMATOM Scope delivers full clinical capabilities without cutting corners when it comes to performance.

  • Ultra Fast Ceramics detector (UFC) – the industry leading detector material - also used in our top-of-the-line scanners - delivers crystal clear images.
  • Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure (CARE) – enables patients to receive the right dose for their imaging requirements.
  • Adaptive Signal Boost – reduces image noise by up to 50% e.g. when imaging obese patients or patients with metal implants.
  • Fully Assisting Scanner Technologies (FAST) – optimizes your process efficiency.

CT Scanner SOMATOM Scope - Balance patient care and budget control

How can I balance patient care and budget control?

Enhancing the financial performance of your institution is key to success. You need to rely on medical technology and services that reduce baseline costs and optimize asset utilization, avoiding system and staff idle time.


"The SOMATOM Scope helped us providing high-quality care while lowering operating costs."
Prasanna Vignesh, MD, Medical Dircetor and Chief Radiologist
Aarthi Scans, India

SOMATOM Scope keeps your costs in check with features that help lower your total cost of ownership.

  • eCockpit – enables more cost-efficient operation with:

     eStart: extends the tube lifetime by pre-warming the tube before a scan.
     eMode: reduces wear and tear on the scanner by instantly optimizing scan parameters.
     eSleep: saves energy by stopping gantry rotation during scan breaks.

  • Small footprint – reduced space occupancy costs and low power requirements, making installation quick and easy.
  • Innovative service offerings – delivering sustainable investment protection and predictable total cost of ownership (TCO).

The products/features shown on this webpage are not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons their future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens organization for further details.

1 CT clinical routine for mid-sized and small healthcare facilities.

2 Follow-up studies. Compared with previous 16-slice CT scanner.

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